Claire Lou Robinson

Lifestyle Coach

Do you ever feel like there has to be more to life than this?
Perhaps you feel you simply aren't living your life to your full potential?
Are you ready to live a happy, healthy, positive life you love being present in every moment?
Would you love take control of your gut and mind health, looking and feeling amazing every day?

You are in the right place and I can't wait to help you! 


Lifestyle Coach

My Story

Claire Lou Robinson is a Lifestyle Coach, NLP Coach & Timeline Practitioner helping you live a happy, healthy, positive life you love.

Claire's mission is to help men & women with gut and mind health all over the world!
There is scientific research which proves that if your gut isn't functioning, your mind won't be and vice versa.

Claire's message, is don't wait for a diagnosis, take control of YOUR health now!

Claire offers 1-on-1 Coaching, has a group coaching programme for women and an online mind health programme for men and women.

She helps people RESET their body. 
You service your car once a year, you need to service your body, it's the only place you get to live.

If you are ready for change, I'd love to help you, click the link below.


Healthy Gut Happy Mind

In today's Society, we have so much to do and Self Love a lot of the time becomes last on the list when actually it should be priority. 

In the Western World we live in, we seem to have lost all ability to take responsibility for our own health and wellness.

Too many people are not making sensible lifestyle choices, illness strikes and they rely on the NHS for medication or medical intervention.

Our bodies are so much more sophisticated than that and it's about really getting in tune with it.

95% of disease is caused, therefore 95% of disease can be uncaused. 

How incredible is that?

Claire's message is to take back control now and don't wait for a diagnosis!

Claire is on a mission to change the world and help people realise how to self medicate - and by that she doesn't mean take tablets, she means really LOVE your body by fuelling yourself with clean wholesome food, plant-based supplements and using safe skincare, make up, bath & body products.

Claire Lou Robinson can help you LOVE your body starting with your GUT HEALTH  by removing the toxic load and educating you on what foods is good for you.

Click 'watch video' to listen to our 2 minute video explaining our reset programme.


1-on-1 NLP Coaching Sessions

Is something holding you back from living a life you love? 
Do you feel your mindset is impacting on your daily life?
No one should go through stress, anxiety, depression, addictions or phobias to name a few. 
You deserve to be happy now.
With NLP the change work is FAST.
Claire does 1-on-1 sessions with men, women and children.

NLP Sessions are £150 per hour. The average person needs 3-4 sessions. Trauma clients need 5-8.
Click below to book your session with Claire! Sessions can be done in person in Newcastle or online.


Empowered Women 13 Week Group Coaching Programme

'Empowered Women' is a 3 month Lifestyle Group Coaching Programme how to live a happy, positive life you LOVE 
Next group starts 5th July!

If you feel lost, unhappy, perhaps not yourself or not living your true potential then this programme is for you.
If you are ready to step into your power, take responsibility for your state of mind, feelings and happiness this programme is for you.
If you are ready for change, to be the very BEST version of YOU then take this as YOUR sign.
Programme detailsPrivate Facebook group set up for Empowered Women with no more than 20 beautiful souls.
The group is a safe space, high vibe, high energy, full of beautiful women who support each other through this programme.
I go LIVE in the group once a week on the following topics and you will be given simple life changing tasks each week that you can implement into your life.
£150 each month.
Payment in full - £400

Only 20 spaces available, 5 have gone already! Click the link to secure you space! For monthly payment options, drop me a message.


Empowered WO-MEN Online Mind Health Programme

Now is the time to take responsibility for your mind health.
Empowered WO-MEN is an online programme for men and women.
When yoy enrol for this programme you gain access to Claire Lou Robinsons School where there is 13 weeks worth of coaching videos, mind health exercises and tasks.
Offer during Lock Down - £58.80.
After Lock Down price will be £99.
Click link below for full details and to enrol.

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Motivational Speaking

From personal to professional growth, Claire Lou Robinson wants to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future you’ve always dreamt of. Answer some questions below and start benefiting today.

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